Biohunter is a scientific tool for students, scholars, researchers and scientists. It is a web-based, single portal, which provides literature search, data statistics, reading, sorting, storing, field expert identification and journal finder for innovative research.


  •  Relevancy

    Biohunter helps to find relevant articles for the innovative research.

  •  Full-Text Access

    Download unlimited free full-text articles to your mobile or desktop in a single click (Bulk data download also available).

  •  Data Statistics

    Histogram of year, count, country, publishers, journals and category.

  •  Experts

    A facility to identify experts in the relevant field and their contacts details.

  •  Journal Suggestion

    Helps to find suitable journals for publication based on the query term.

  •  Reader

    A complete reading access to the articles using various filters.

  •  Favorites

    Favorite articles can be marked for later reading.

  •  Download

    All data associated to the search term can be downloaded.

  •  Impact Factor Tool

    Impact factor and other vital details of more than 20,000 journals could be searched at once.

  •  Bio-entity Extractor & Enrichment Tool

    Genes/Protein names from literature could be extracted and additional information such as pathways, bioavailability, protein-protein interaction network could be added. This feature is not available in bio hunter as of now, it will be added as early as possible.